SIKU 4311 – Mega Lifter Crane


SIKU 4311 – Mega Lifter Crane is one of the biggest SIKU models of all time. This beast has been made for hard work.

Price: 69 Eur (bought used in 2017)
Rado-Score: 5/5

Mobile Crane

The SIKU 4311 Mega Lifter Crane is build surprisingly mostly from high quality PWC – only some (but important) parts are made from metal. The vehicle has 16 tires + 1 spare tire (located in the rear, right under the counterweight. Most of the crane platform is made from PWC – the only exception is the cabin (with nice and detailed rear mirrors).

In order to unfold the crane, you have to extend its massive outriggers (all of them are equipped with extenders). The position of outrigger floats can be fine-tuned – the floats are a part of a solid metalic screw that can be adjusted.

After deploying the outriggers, the cabin of the crane can be moved towards. However it will face ca 12° to the left from the center line of the crane. This solution is simple for the manufacturer, but does not look very good in real life.

The main section of the boom is supported with gigantic hydraulic cylinders with geared system to prevent possible falling of the boom with heavy cargo on the hook. The main section and second section of the boom is made from metal, the sections 3 and 4 are made from high qualit PWC material.

The rope drum of the crane offers an auto brake with semi-automatic coiling. The heavy metal hook can be released to fall under its own weight down, but you have to coil it back manually.

The crane can rotate 360° and is very stable with all outriggers extended. Thanks to heavy counterweight, you can lift up other SIKU vehicles without any problems.

Movable parts: the outriggers, hook, all sections of the boom, the cabin.

SIKU 4311 Conclusion:

SIKU 4311 is a SIKU big boy model for a relatively high price. There are other two or three very similar cranes – but none of them is so compact and nice looking. It should find its place in every SIKU fan collection and I recommend it also for kids.

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