SIKU 3930 – Heavy Haulage Transporter


Heavy duty SIKU 3930 transporter MAN that comes with low platform trailer and a excavator of an unknown type. The package is very heavy and both (or all three) models are made mostly from metal.

Price: 55 Eur (bought new in 2018)
Rado-Score: 5/5


The cabin is made from metal – there some plastic parts like the wind deflector or, of course, the back mirrors. Interesting (when compared to other models) are transparent PVC front reflectors. The additional engine unit behind the cabin is also made from plastic and it unfortunately blocks the view on the engine of the truck (when the cabin is opened to the front). The chassis is made from metal like the other SIKU models. The wheels are also interesting – the manufacturer did not use the usual ones, but a special ones.

Movable parts: The cabin, the handler of the trailer lock


The trailer is made from metal – the only exception is the bottom of the trailer (can be removed). The wheels ale made different than in ordinary trailers – they are doubled and the distance between them is greater. They can move upwards or downwards during the ride more than the usual wheels on other models. The cargo can be loaded after disconnecting the front part of the trailer.

Movable parts: The front part of the trailer, bottom of the trailer and also two reserve wheels from the very front can be removed


Heavy duty excavator is also mostly made from metal. The only non-metal parts are the cabin (which is unusually high-positioned) and some other plastic details (like the exhaust). The boom, arm and bucket are movable and the it takes quite a lot of energy to move them (especially the boom). The bucket can be moved thanks to plastic part on the arm upwards (it goes and stays in the downward position automatically).

Movable parts: The tracks, the excavator can rotate 360, boom, arm and the bucket.

SIKU 3930 Conclusion:

SIKU 3930 set comes with a lot of fun in one package – you get a versatile transporter and also relatively rare type of excavator. The trailer can be used for transportation of other SIKU models and it is rock solid. Unfortunately there is not a lot of movable parts, but what else should be expected from a transporter with trailer 🙂 I am a little concerned with the secondary engine behind the cabin – if a kid would play with the model, this is the part I would expect to break very soon.

The excavator is very robust and it looks good, but I would love to see a movable engine cover. Also the metal bucket looks really massive but as it is moved with the plastic part, it looks relatively fragile.

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