SIKU 3921 – Truck with container

SIKU 3921 – Truck with container


SIKU 3921 Truck with container is in fact Mercedes Actros hauler with a trailer with two standardized containers. It does not offer a lot features but it looks great and very realistic.

Price: 24 Eur (bought new in sale in 2018)
Rado-Score: 4/5


The SIKU 3921 truck is represented by yellow Mercedes Actros. The cabin is not movable and therefore there is no possibility to access the engine. The cabin is made from metal and is equipped with plastic wind deflector and spoiler. Despite of lacking movable parts, Mercedes Actros pays great attention to detail – the gas tank has a different (grey) color than the other accesories of the truck. The grey color also distinguishes some other parts of the vehicle that are not visible until the trailer is disconnected. The truck and also the trailer use standard tires (and they look great!).

Movable parts: Trailer lock. That is all.

Trailer + cargo

The railer is very basic. It is equipped with many twistlocks that keep the cargo in position and prevent it to slide away of the trailer. One container uses 4 twistlocks. The trailer has 18 – so you can place your cargo in many different positions. The trailer can be left just to stand alone on its landing gear. When extended, the truck can be attached to it without collision (nice attention to detail). If only one container being transported, the rear bolster can be retracted and save some space (see the gallery).

The containers are made from high quality pwc. They are equipped with doors (only in the rear) and loaded with various cargo.

Movable parts: rear bolster, landing gear, doors on the containers

SIKU 3921 Conclusion:

The SIKU truck with container looks very realistic and pays great attention to detail. However there are two drawbacks – the first is not movable cabin and the second is relatively higher price. I think that kids could be disappointed with limited features of this model. On the other hand, when combined with other vehicles it can bring a lot of fun to the play.


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