SIKU 3548 – Menzi Muck Walking Excavator


The SIKU 3548 – Menzi Muck Walking Excavator is a very special model in SIKU collection. It looks like the regular excavator, but its undercarriage consists from special arm-like extensions with wheels. This extensions can move up or down (therefore the name “walking or spider” excavator). It is designed for work in non-urban areas – in the mountains, slopes etc.

Price: 19,99 Eur (bought in sale in 2018)
Rado-Score: 3/5

Walking Excavator

SIKU Menzi Muck comes in unusual and large box (that could be much more compact, but SIKU wants you to see its special extensions extended 🙂 ). The whole model is made from metal and the only exceptions are wheels (of course), the cabin and (completely irrational!) extansion of the arm.

All four extensions can be moved in 90° angle and the rear pair is equipped with small stabilization legs (that can be used while playing or placing on unstable surfaces). The PWC stabilizators can be dettached and reattached again. However, the extensions does not move with equal effort – one from the pair goes with a little effort, another one needs more force… Definitely a not good design. While the undercarriage fully extended, the wheels are not aligned in one line (another poor design flaw, see the gallery).

The metal boom with metal arm have look subtle but work without any problems. Another story is the extension of the arm – its made from PWC (why?!) – as the only part of the whole system. Unfortunately the metal bucket need a lot of force to be moved and with the arm fully extended I would expect it to be broken very, very soon.

Movable parts: The cabin (360°), extensions with wheels (90°), stabilizators, boom, arm, arm extension, bucket.

SIKU 3548 Conclusion:

SIKU 3548 represents a nice and fresh design in the SIKU offer, but it has a few drawbacks. The wheel extensions alignment issues can be understood and accepted. The PWC arm extension can be not.

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