SIKU 3547 – Mercedes-Benz Zetros with platform


The SIKU 3547 – Mercedes-Benz Zetros is a solid heavy 6-wheel truck with flatbed and a special canvas cover.

Price: 23 Eur (bought in sale in 2018)
Siku-reviews score: 5/5

Mercedes Zectros

The Mercedes SIKU 3547 is made mostly from metal with only a few small plastic parts for details, such as rear mirrors, rear bumper etc. The model is very robust and relatively big. The flatbed can be accessed after removing the canvas cover – it is very roomy and it can take a lot of cargo (see the gallery). The tailgate is locked down and can be unlocked and moved completely down.

Canvas cover

This part is detachable and does not fit completely to the flatbed when attached (ca. 1 mm difference). The body is made from solid PWC and the cover is from rubber-like material. Be aware – while stored outside of the original box, this material can easily catch a lot of dust.

Movable parts: flatbed, tailgate, detachable canvas cover.

SIKU 3547 Conclusion:

The Mercedes SIKU 3547 is a robust and solid piece of metal. It does not offer too much features, but it is no problem in this case. I do recommend it for kids (the durability will be probably high) and also for adult collectors.

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