SIKU 3535 – Hydraulic Excavator Volvo EC 290


SIKU 3535 Hydraulic Excavator Volvo EC 290 is very realistic and modern-looking excavator with a lot attention to detail. It is relatively compact when compared to other SIKU excavators.

Price: 20 Eur (bought new in sale in 2017)
Rado-Score: 5/5


Almost everything on SIKU 3535 is made from metal – the only exception are the tracks, wheels and some other expected detail such as exhaust, hydraulic pipes etc. The excavator can actually move on the tracks without loosing them. They are a lot more robust than on other SIKU models. Unfortunately there is no movable engine cover on the main body. The metal body has at least holes where the engine should be present.

The boom with arm and bucket are can be operated very smoothly also with one hand only. Interesting fact – the SIKU Volvo EC 290 is probably the first SIKU model of an excavator in this size that can not operate with the bucket remotely thanks to small plastic cable that is placed on the boom (on the other models, like the excavator from SIKU 3930 set). I find this missing feature actually good, because it enables to adjust the bucket in the position you want and it will not come to the basic position automatically.

Movable parts: The body can rotate 360°, boom, arm, bucket

SIKU 3535 Conclusion:

Excavator Volvo SIKU 3535 is nice and handy excavator on the tracks that work and a simple bucket mechanism that enables smooth operation with the bucket itself. I expect the durability to be high and I do recommend this model for all enthusiast and also for kids.

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