SIKU 3534 – Mercedes Atego with Crane


SIKU 3534 – Mercedes Atego with Crane offers very precise details and combines metal with plastic material very smartly. The box also includes road blocks and two pieces of construction workers.

Price: 27 Eur (bought new in 2018)
Rado-Score: 7/10

Mercedes Atego

The truck comes with the new type of tires – two in the front and four (2x doubled wheels) in the rear. The cabin “glass” is transparent (unlike older SIKU models). Mercedes Atego is equipped with two orange light beacons. The front lights are painted, the rear are not. This SIKU model combines plastic parts with metal in very unique way – for example half of the equipment (gas tank, storage compartments and other accesories under the dump bed is from metal and the other half is plastic. This enables it to look very precise – every part “fits” just right and nothing goes apart like in other models (like in SIKU 3556).

The dump bed has been manufactured with many perfored details. The rear part tilts while dumping and lets the cargo to drop on the ground. On the other hand, the dump bed can be tilted not so far as on the picture on the box and not all types of cargo can be dumped with the current angle. The actual dump bed is different than on the preproduction model (see the gallery). This is clearly disappointing.


The crane is another disappointment. SIKU came after long years with a crane placed in the middle of the vehicle and it is… Just not good. It is robust, of course, made from metal, it has very nice metal outriggers, but:

  • the hook can not be moved to the dump bed with the crane fully extended without colliding with the sides of the bed
  • the hook is plastic and has a flexible plastic connection with the arm (so it can break easily)
  • it does not tilt while having the crane partly extended

Summing up all this disadvantages – the crane is totally useless. It looks fine only in the static position.

Movable parts: Crane, outriggers, dump bed.

SIKU 3534 Conclusion:

SIKU 3534 – Mercedes Atego with Crane is a great example how a model can mix your feelings. It looks very nice and promising and comes with bonus equipment (road blocks and figures), but both movable parts you are looking forward are built completely illogical. The dump bed does not dump as on the picture on the package (and the difference is huuuge), the crane is very solid but you can not lift anything with it to or from the dump bed… On the other hand, the model looks very good and pays very good attention to the detail.

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