SIKU 3529 – Kramer 480 Wheel Loader


SIKU 3529 – Kramer 480 Wheel Loader is a small compact loader for every construction site. This was a relatively cheap, basic but very solid model.

Price: ca. 12 Eur (bought new in 2008)
Rado-Score: 5/5

Wheel Loader

There is not much to say about this SIKU Kramer loader – it has only basic functions. It is equipped with an adjustable boom and bucket (relatively small). The cabin with the worker figure is the only plastic thing – everything else is made from metal. This is one of few SIKU models with worker figures.

Movable parts: the boom and bucket.

SIKU 3529 Conclusion:

SIKU 3529 is a base model of loader, no longer in stock. Once you have the chance to own an used one, buy it – it is very durable and nice looking. Due to limited availability, I can only recommend it for adult collectors.

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