SIKU 3521 – Crawler Excavator


The SIKU 3521 – Crawler Excavator is a very compact excavator model. It came in two versions – the first has been sold under Schaeff trademark, the second under Terex trademark (as Terex took over the Schaeff company).

Price: cca 10 Eur (bought new in 2010)
Rado-Score: 5/5


The excavator SIKU 3538 is made mostly from metal, the cabin is made from solid PWC. Offering all features of an bigger excavator, but for less money make from this one of the best SIKU excavator models of all time. The cabin can rotate 360°, the boom, arm and the bucket can be moved as expected (and the bucket is not shaking during the movements). Very nice feature is the option to tilt the boom ca. 45° to the left/right side (see the pictures in gallery). The tracks are made from high quality perforated rubber. The front blade (from metal) can be also moved up or down.

Movable parts: Boom, boom basis (tilt function), arm, bucket, the cabin (360°), the front blade.

SIKU 3521 Conclusion:

SIKU 3521 offers an extremely good price-performance ratio. This probably one of the cheapest excavator models in SIKU history without any compromises. I do recommend it for everyone, this is a must have.

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