SIKU 3507 – Manitou Telescopic Loader Telehandler


SIKU 3507 – Manitou Telescopic Loader Telehandler is a relatively massive piece of mechanism for goods/materials manipulation. But is it also useful? 

Price: 15 Eur (bought new in sale in 2018)
Siku-reviews score: 2/5


The SIKU 3507 Telehandler looks promising and has an attractive design. The wheels are really massive, it has a counter ballance in the back (for heavy cargo lifting), telescopic arm… But that is all. It can only handle the standard EU pallets like the much more subtle Linde Forklift. This wouldnt be a problem, but the whole part with forks is made from plastic. This part is not equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, it can not hold even couple of empty EU pallets. The whole idea of having such a massive loader is therefore burried deep in the ground.

Manitou Telehandler has also very limited options to be combined with other models from SIKU collection – I can see only models like SIKU 3921. Unfortunately for the given price, this is not a very good choice.

Movable parts: telescopic arm, plastic fork base.

SIKU 3507 Conclusion:

SIKU 3507 looks promising and delivers almost nothing. If you can live only with a nice looking model in your collection (not very usable, actually), it may be a good choice. Otherwise, it is probably just a waste of money and you can get yourself much more interesting model from SIKU collection.

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