SIKU 2712 – Breakdown Truck


SIKU 2712 – Breakdown Truck is an all-star model in SIKU production line – they have always had one and they probably will. 

Price: 20 Eur (bought new in 2018)
Siku-reviews score: 5/5

Breakdown Truck

The breakdown truck SIKU 2712 comes with an additional small automobile that is being towed (note that the one used on the images in this review is not the original one from the box). The Mercedes is made in 1:55 scale and looks relatively subtle when placed near its 1:50 brothers. However this is not a bad design, its just a feature. The cabin can not be opened and there is no access to the engine (unlike SIKU 3524 model).

The flatbed is equipped with a rope drum with a funny PWC hook at the end. This hook is not universal and wont fit to any SIKU vehicle. The rope is relatively long and can be extended to ca. 15 centimeters.

In order to load a vehicle, the flatbed has to be lifted a little bit and then it can slide behind the vehicle. The whole system (rails and flatbed) is made from metal, so there is no need to be careful with the manipulation.

Unfortunately this model has no towing fork like the older SIKU Mercedes model.

Movable parts: The flatbed and rope drum.

SIKU 2712 Conclusion:

SIKU 2712 is a classic SIKU model that every SIKU fan should have. It is robust, made mostly from metal, nice looking and for a fair price. I do recommend this model for any adult collector and for the kids as well.

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