SIKU 1071 – Skid Steer Loader


SIKU 1071 – Skid Steer Loader is an extremely handy, nice looking and relatively rare SIKU model. Why should you own it?

Price: less than 10 Eur (bought new in 2007)
Siku-reviews score: 5/5

Skid Steer Loader

As the other SIKU models, this skid steer loader is made from metal with some plastic parts. Due to its compact size, it is not surprise at all. The whole cabin is from plastic. The other parts are mostly from metal – also the bucket for handling of materials. It can be moved upwards with two side-arms (equipped with hydraulic cylinders) and the bucket can also dump the cargo. It has no cylinders, but the connection with arms is tight enough to keep some resistance while trying to dump the material.

Movable parts: the arms and bucket.

SIKU 1071 Conclusion:

SIKU 1071 is a very nice model that should take place in your collection. However it is not in sale anymore and it could be relatively hard to get one in good condition, since these have been sold not as a part of a SIKU Super Series, but with other smaller models for kids. Therefore I expect that almost every used model will have some defects from children who have played with it.

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