KAIDIWEI 625025 – Concrete Pump


The KAIDIWEI 625025 – Concrete Pump is a very special non-SIKU model. It has been inspired by the SIKU MAN TGA models in 1:55 scale. What can you expect from a model like this?

Price: ca. 40 Eur (bought new in 2018)
SIKU-reviews score: 3/5

Concrete pump

The KAIDIWEI concrete pumpt is not a SIKU model, however it has been clearly inspired by SIKU models. The cabin is a complete copy of other SIKU MAN TGA models, also with many details such as cutouts, front reflectors and many others. The viewer can after closer examination distinguish small differencies in size, color quality or the thickness of some parts.


The Kaidiwei 625025 has different wheels than the original SIKU models but the inspiration by them can be clearly seen. Kaidiwei wheels are on much lower quality level than their SIKU predecessor. The central undercariage is not from metal, but plastic. On this model, the front pair of wheels is not in contact with the ground, while having the model placed on flat surface. To get them to touch the ground, you have to push the cabin by hand downwards.


The cabin is basically a copy of original MAN TGA vehicle. From the manufacturer images only KDW tag instead of MAN headline can be spotted (on the front grill), but facing the model in reality, you will see more of them. The cabin can be opened to access the engine.

Concrete pump

In order to unfold the concrete pump and gain the stability, I strongly recommend to use all four (and massive) outriggers. The first pair can be extended from its housing just under the basis of the concrete pump arm – they have two extension parts. The outrigger floats are fitted to screws, so they can be adjusted in the best possible position. This solution is similar than the one used in the original SIKU Megalifter Crane, but much less solid. However, it is enough to do its job. The second pair of outriggers is really massive – they are also supported by hydraulic cylinders that are not visible from outside.

After deploying the outriggers, the concrete pump is ready to be unfolded. It has 5 metal parts and a hose (a small rubber-like part that distributes the concrete to its final placement). The whole mechanism is stable, but (especially last two or three) hydraulic cylinders are not strong enough to hold the system in every position. They are only strong enough to hold it in fully extended position (facing upwards, see the pictures). The arms are made from metal, the pipes for concrete delivery are plastic. The whole pump can be rotated 360°. This vehicle is (like any other concrete pump) equipped with the backend kit with a massive openable cover.

Movable parts: the outriggers, cover from backend kit, concrete pump arms.

KAIDIWEI 625025 Conclusion:

This Kaidiwei vehicle is very solid, however it can not compete with the most of the SIKU models. It is also not very cheap even when compared to top SIKU Super models. This can be due to complexity of concrete pump, but still, it is simply too expensive for a SIKU copy. I can recommend this model only as an interesting tip for SIKU collectors. It would not be a very good choice as a gift for children – it is too complex, has some vulnerable parts that can be broken very easily and you can surely get more durable models on this price level.

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